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A ‘Little Wolf’ special for committed fans and new recruits as Little Wolf becomes ‘agony nephew’ for WolfWeekly.A 64 page paperback original Little Wolf title for all Little Wolf fans and fledglings. Little Wolf is given the job of being ‘agony nephew’, taking on the name Mister Helpful, for Wolf Weekly. Every week his postbag is full of problem letters from many of the brute beasts and little wigglers he has already met in his adventures chronicled in Book of Badness, Daring Deeds and Haunted Hall for Small Horrors. When a certain Akela writes to him looking for a young cub called Little Wolf, Mister Helpful reverts to being Little Wolf and joins the cubscouts at camp. Little Wolf’s answers the readers’ letters with his usual mix of cheek, fun, bad spelling and inkblots.This ‘arkstra spesh’ Little Wolf title will delight his many fans but, more importantly, will serve as an introduction to new readers and have them howling for his three epistolary novels Little Wolf’s Book of Badness; Little Wolf’s Diary of Daring Deeds and Little Wolf’s Haunted Hall for Small Horrors.
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Printio Wolf & fire wolf the page 6

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