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Your God is too small–way too small! What if God is not a human-like personal being but the God Beyond God of the Christian mystical traditions? What if God is the ultimate reality beyond all beings, including beyond all divine beings, indeed beyond all Being? It's a mind-bending idea. Speaking of God as a human-like personal being is much easier but people who care about the deepest mystical understandings of God within our traditions need to make the effort to speak about the God Beyond God, despite the difficulties. This book makes the attempt to speak of the God Beyond God in the language of the sermon, using metaphor and potent imagery tuned to the existential intensities of human life. The God Beyond God is closer to us than our jugular veins, vividly present in every moment of our lives. These sermons are practical and moving, and they also resonate with the most rigorous theological understandings of ultimate reality. Their deconstruction of our convenient fantasies about a divine being make these sermons emotionally intense and perhaps not suitable for beginners in the journey of faith. But veteran believers can breathe deeply in the air of these meditations, relaxing into the bliss of engaging ultimate reality without delusions, without deflections, and without controlling the object of our worship.
Jeff Hood The God of the Future the naked god
Wesley J. Wildman God Is . . . the naked god
Andy Ross Where is God?: A Theology for the Here and Now, Volume One the naked god
Vance Packard The Naked Society the naked god
Mark Giszczak Light on the Dark Passages of Scripture the naked god
Lorne E. Weaver Trusting YHWH the naked god
E.L. Brown There Is No Comparison the naked god
Jeff Hood The Psychosis of God the naked god
Daniel F. Stramara Praying—with the Saints—to God Our Mother the naked god
Richard Roberts What the Bible REALLY Says about Prosperity the naked god

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