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Pygmy goats are the most adorable goat breed. They are miniature goats that provide the best source of entertainment to goat owners across the globe. Pygmy goats were introduced to the world from central Africa. These goats were the result of a type of dwarfism. However, because of their hardiness and because of their calm and friendly nature, they were taken into individual homes. Another important trait of the pygmy goat is their size. This makes them the perfect urban backyard pet. They are not as demanding for space or food as other dairy goats but provide milk that is of better quality. Therefore, these goats are great pets to have. It is important to understand when you are bringing home a pet goat that this animal needs special care and attention. They are seldom found in the urban set up. They are usually raised in large numbers on farms and also in designated commercial set ups where there is ample professional help available to take care of these animals. If you are planning to bring a goat home, on the other hand, you must invest a lot more time doing your homework and research about this animal in the first place. You must be sure that you can take on this responsibility before you make a commitment. This book covers all the subjects including how choosing your goats, how to take care of the goat, how to feed them and even how to ensure that they are always healthy. This book is perfect for a first time owner. Covered in this book:- History- What you need to know ...
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Peter Patterdale Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Keeping Nigerian Dwarf Goats as Pets. Nigerian Dwarf Goat book for daily care, pros and cons, raising, training, feeding, housing and health. the mountain goats tallahasse

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