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This publication focuses on two main aspects; the seamless integration of XML and persistency concepts into the object-oriented programming language Java. XML is the de facto standard data exchange format between arbitrary applications. There have been many efforts to integrate XML into programming languages reaching from the simple document object model (DOM) to whole XML class generators. These approaches are available in most popular programming languages. The integration of persistency into programming languages has been done by database programming languages as well as by certain new popular frameworks like Hibernate or approaches like EJB. Nevertheless, these approaches suffer from certain limitations concerning in particular transparency and object-orientation. While existing database programming languages integrate the relational model, Hibernate and EJB 3.x does not support polymorphism in general. EJB 2.x does not even support inheritance. In addition, although they try to, the approaches except by some database programming languages are not transparent. In this work, transparency means that arbitrary types may become persistent. Moreover, algorithms remain unchanged whether they are executed on transient or persistent objects. Finally, users can work with persistency on a very high level. Since there are so many currently developed frameworks trying to solve the integration problem of XML and persistency into object-oriented programming languages, the need for a ho...
Sanjay Patni Pro RESTful APIs. Design, Build and Integrate with REST, JSON, XML and JAX-RS sitemap 19 xml
SIP-телефон Escene ES330-PEN 3 SIP аккаунта; 132x64 LCD-дисплей; 8 программируемых клавиш, 12 клавиш быстрого набора BLF, XML/LDAP; регулируемая подст sitemap 19 xml
Claudia Kothe XML-basierte Standards fur den Datenaustausch in der Logistikkette sitemap 19 xml
А. С. Гусаренко Модели создания документов в формате Office Open XML на основе ситуационно-ориентированной базы данных sitemap 19 xml
Елена Бенкен PHP, MySQL, XML: программирование для Интернета sitemap 19 xml
H. Schuhart Design and Implementation of a Database Programming Language for XML-Based Applications sitemap 19 xml
Кэгл Курт, Хантер Дэвид, Гиббонс Дэйв, Озу Никола, Пиннок Джон, Спенсер Пол XML sitemap 19 xml
Asan Agibetov Essence of JSON sitemap 19 xml
Christian Hiebl Implementation of a declarative query and data manipulation language for X-Ray sitemap 19 xml
Бенкен Елена Сергеевна PHP, MySQL, XML: программирование для Интернета (+CD) sitemap 19 xml

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