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Rely on Enriching the Learning to help your school community answer critical question 4 of the Professional Learning Community at Work® process: How will we extend the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency? The book's wide range of student enrichment strategies, templates, and tools is designed to fully prepare collaborative teams to plan and execute engaging extensions for any subject area or grade level. Lesson extensions and student engagement strategies for teaching proficient students in a PLC: Develop an understanding of the fourth question of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) at Work and why it is the most poorly addressed of the foundational PLC questions. Understand the importance of engaging proficient students in extended lessons and continuing their education. Learn how to differentiate instruction, enrich the curriculum, and build lesson extensions that will push proficient students to extend their abilities. Become familiar with three different extension models (skill extensions, interest extensions, and social extensions) and numerous strategies for implementation that integrate student voice and choice. Utilize the reproducible extension-planning templates and completed examples to build your own lesson extensions for personalized learning. Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: Addressing the Forgotten Question Chapter 2: Identifying Question 4 Students and Intentionally Planning Extensions Chapter 3: Creating Skill Extensions Chapter 4: Creating Interest Extensions Chapter 5: Helping Students Connect Through Social Extensions Chapter 6: Creating Extensions as Singletons Epilogue
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Christopher Negus BSD UNIX Toolbox. 1000+ Commands for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD proficient iws100
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Richard DuFour Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap proficient iws100

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