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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.With the passing of Nelson Mandela, ‘the father of the nation’, comes the end of an era, and the moment to look back on his remarkable saving, and remaking, of South Africa. After years of oppression and racial inequality, concentrated violence and apartheid, Mandela led the country to unite ‘for the freedom of us all’ as the country’s first black President.SOUTH AFRICA: HISTORY IN AN HOUR gives a lively account of the formation of modern South Africa, from the first contact with seventeenth-century European sailors, through the colonial era, the Boer Wars, apartheid and the establishment of a tolerant democracy in the late twentieth century. Here is a clear and fascinating overview of the emergence of the ‘Rainbow Nation’.Know your stuff: read about South African history in just one hour.
Отсутствует Banana Systems in the Humid Highlands of Sub-Saharan Africa of africa page 6
Péclard Didier Negotiating Statehood. Dynamics of Power and Domination in Africa of africa page 6
Отсутствует Proceedings of the Association for promoting the discovery of the interior parts of Africa of africa page 6
Archibald Dalzel The history of Dahomy, an inland kingdom of Africa of africa page 6
James M'Queen Geographical and commercial view of Nothern Central Africa of africa page 6
Anthony Holmes South Africa: History in an Hour of africa page 6
Haggard H.R. King Solomon's Mines = Копи Царя Соломона: роман на англ. Яз of africa page 6
John Campbell Travels in South Africa. Vol. 2 of africa page 6
John Campbell Travels in South Africa. Vol. 1 of africa page 6
Mungo Park The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805 of africa page 6

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