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Obesity presents many challenges to mothers and their unborn babies How can a severely overweight woman prepare for pregnancy? What if she is already pregnant? How do you guide her through an inherently high-risk pregnancy and labor to a successful birth? Pregnancy in the Obese Woman takes the best available evidence on pregnancy and obesity to provide an insightful, practical guide to management in one volume. After a review of the epidemiology and special considerations of prenatal care in obese women of childbearing age, the authors cover: Bariatric surgery Nutrition, exercise, and weight gain in pregnancy Co-morbid conditions Abnormal fetal growth and obstetric complications Operative techniques in obese patients Breastfeeding, contraception, and further pregnancies With obesity on the rise, increasing numbers of pregnancies are being seen in overweight and obese women, which presents a significant challenge to obstetric and other health care providers. Pregnancy in the Obese Woman provides you with the critical information you need to ease your mind and help your patients become contented mothers. Titles of Related Interest Protocols for High-Risk Pregnancies, 5e Queenan, Hobbins and Spong (eds); ISBN 978-1-4051-9650-5 Obstetic Clinical Algorithms: Management and Evidence Norwitz, Belfort, Saade, Miller; ISBN 978-14051-8111-2 Preterm Birth: Prevention and Management Berghella (ed); 978-1-4051-9290-3
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Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) Pre-hospital Obstetric Emergency Training. The Practical Approach obstetric care
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Deborah Conway Pregnancy in the Obese Woman. Clinical Management obstetric care
Футляр для зубной щетки 84855540 obstetric care
Fowlie Peter W. ABC of Preterm Birth obstetric care

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