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In a collection of four short stories and poems, Sandra L. Bobbitt explores how love can come along after loss at any age. Roxie and Rex are two widowed seniors. She is a former music professor. He is a former rodeo rider. When they meet, they quickly fall in love. But can they overcome their initial insecurities to live happily-ever-after on his Arizona ranch? After Julie and Sam meet unexpectedly, they realize they have undeniable chemistry. But can their relationship survive living in two separate cities? After a litter of kittens is orphaned, a kind mother and daughter take them to a shelter where they eventually discover the joy of being adopted. Charlie is battling Alzheimer's disease and has no idea a caregiver is about to become an unexpected gift with an unknown purpose. Within a moving conclusion to her compilation, Bobbitt provides a loving, poetic tribute to her late husband. Love Comes to All of Us shares short stories and poems that celebrate love in all its greatest forms.
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