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Do you want your child to be toilet trained quickly and easily but have no clue where to start and are worried that it could all go wrong? Or have you started potty training your toddler and it’s all turned to custard so you desperately need some solutions? This book is a simple to follow, step-by-step process to toilet train your child. It answers your burning questions, busts myths and misconceptions and tells you what to do if there are mishaps, problems or hiccups. All the tools and techniques you will need for toilet training your toddler are right here. The thought of potty training stresses most parents out. It’s a topic that: you may know very little about, and what you do know sounds difficult, messy and full of conflicting messages The concept for this book came about when I started potty training my son. I read a lot of books and articles, searched all over the Internet and even took a course on potty training. But, surprisingly, I could not find one, relatively short, clear, gimmick-free guide to potty training. This is the book I wish I had when I was potty training my child. In the course of writing this book, I surveyed dozens of other parents who have toilet trained their children. You not only get to avoid all the mistakes we have made, but will have answers on hand for any issues that arise. Follow the short, chunked down chapters in Easy Peasy Potty Training to: help you make decisions such as whether to start on a potty or the toilet get a comprehensive sh...
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