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The "European Academic Heritage Network UNIVERSEUM" discussed in its 15th annual meeting academic heritage in its broadest sense, tangible and intangible, namely the preservation, study, access and promotion of university collections, museums, archives, libraries, botanical gardens, astronomical observatories, and university buildings of historical, artistic and scientific significance. The theme of the conference was "Enhancing University Heritage-Based Research". Cultural heritage is widely studied, from collection studies to historical and social studies of science, research in the natural sciences, didactic research, museum studies, and conservation and restoration analysis. Research is one of universities' core missions. How can university heritage based-research be regarded with respect to this mission? What kind of research is being done and how is it presented to the general public? How can we make university heritage more relevant in research development and outreach? How does research contribute to transform the places where universities' everyday activities are taking place into heritage? How can it turn artefacts, specimens, books, manuscripts and documents produced or gathered by universities into heritage? To what extent can university heritage as a whole be recognized as a multidisciplinary large-scale tool for research activities? Experiences, case-studies and in-depth papers help us identify the nature and specificity of these issues a...
Bandarin Francesco The Historic Urban Landscape. Managing Heritage in an Urban Century heritage 6 in premium
Набор столовых приборов (30 предметов / 6 персон) BergHOFF Heritage 1230502 heritage 6 in premium
The World's Heritage: A Complete Guide to the Most extraordinary places heritage 6 in premium
Don Greene Shawnee Heritage VII heritage 6 in premium
Gudrun Wolfschmidt Enhancing University Heritage-Based Research. Proceedings of the XV Universeum Network Meeting, Hamburg, 12-14 June 2014. heritage 6 in premium
Gisela Welz European Products. Making and Unmaking Heritage in Cyprus heritage 6 in premium
Don Greene Shawnee Heritage I heritage 6 in premium
Свитшот Запорожец Heritage Запорожец Heritage ZA008EMFOLK3 heritage 6 in premium
Брюки Запорожец Heritage Запорожец Heritage ZA008EMCYXQ6 heritage 6 in premium
Свитшот Запорожец Heritage Запорожец Heritage ZA008EMDOPS7 heritage 6 in premium

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