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Presenting invaluable advice from the world?s most famous computer security expert, this intensely readable collection features some of the most insightful and informative coverage of the strengths and weaknesses of computer security and the price people pay – figuratively and literally – when security fails. Discussing the issues surrounding things such as airplanes, passports, voting machines, ID cards, cameras, passwords, Internet banking, sporting events, computers, and castles, this book is a must-read for anyone who values security at any level – business, technical, or personal.
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Chloe Seager Friendship Fails of Emma Nash famous fails page 3
World Hits With Famous Orchestras (3 CD) famous fails page 3
Alfred Morton Why union labor fails famous fails page 3
Bruce Schneier Schneier on Security famous fails page 3
Кулигина Антонина Степановна А/к. Французский язык: 3 класс (2 а/к) famous fails page 3
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Ania Placzkiewicz Vagina Diary 3 famous fails page 3
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