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Following the tremendous popular success of Jane Eyre, which earned her lifelong notoriety as a moral revolutionary, Charlotte Bronte vowed to write a sweeping social chronicle that focused on "something real and unromantic as Monday morning." Set in the industrializing England of the Napoleonic wars and Luddite revolts of 1811-12, Shirley (1849) is the story of two contrasting heroines. One is the shy Caroline Helstone, who is trapped in the oppressive atmosphere of a Yorkshire rectory and whose bare life symbolizes the plight of single women in the nineteenth century. The other is the vivacious Shirley Keeldar, who inherits a local estate and whose wealth liberates her from convention.A work that combines social commentary with the more private preoccupations of Jane Eyre, Shirley demonstrates the full range of Bronte's literary talent.
C. Bronte Shirley c bronte shirley
C. Bronte Shirley c bronte shirley
Gaskell Elizabeth Cleghorn Life and Works of Charlotte Bronte and Her Sisters: Shirley, by C. Bronte c bronte shirley
Bronte Charlotte Shirley 2 c bronte shirley
C. Bronte Shirley c bronte shirley
Bronte Charlotte Shirley I c bronte shirley
Bronte Charlotte Shirley: Part 2 c bronte shirley
Charlotte Bronte Shirley: Part 1 c bronte shirley
C. Bronte, E. Bronte, A. Bronte Poems c bronte shirley
Charlotte Brontë Shirley et Agnes Grey, par Currer Bell or rather, by C. and A. Bronte respectively tr. par C . c bronte shirley

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