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Seminar paper from the year 2016 in the subject Sociology - Miscellaneous, grade: A, Bahir Dar University (Land Administration Institute), course: Governing Commons and Natural Resource, language: English, abstract: Land is a major economic factor and it is crucial for the development in our Country. Land administration has not any unique definition. The most commonly accepted definition of land administration is set out in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Land Administration Guidelines (1996) "Land administration is the processes of recording and disseminating information about ownership, value, and use of land when implementing land management policies. The objectives of the paper are to assess the indigenous common property grazing land management; to show the effectiveness of village by laws in sustainable management of grazing lands; the options of certifying grazing land holdings in Borena area, to scrutinize the effect of population growth in natural resource management; and to recommend on the problems that are found in the Borena grazing land management. To achieve those objectives I have used secondary as well as primary qualitative data. In general the findings of my paper are that Borena pastoralists have an effective traditional dispute settlement mechanisms as far as range land management is concerned. The other problem facing the Borena range land management system is construction of water points which has caused range land degradat...
Swindells R. Brother in the Land brother in the land
Brother in the Land brother in the land
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Martina Schöb The Global Biofuel Production and its impact on the Land Tenure of the Rural Poor brother in the land

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