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Undergraduate and first-year graduate students engaging in engineering research need more than technical skills and tools to be successful. From finding a research position and funding, to getting the mentoring needed to be successful while conducting research responsibly, to learning how to do the other aspects of research associated with project management and communication, this book provides novice researchers with the guidance they need to begin developing mastery. Awareness and deeper understanding of the broader context of research reduces barriers to success, increases capacity to contribute to a research team, and enhances ability to work both independently and collaboratively. Being prepared for what's to come and knowing the questions to ask along the way allows those entering researcher to become more comfortable engaging with not only the research itself but also their colleagues and mentors.
5PCS KSD5703 D5703 NPN  TO-3PF 1500V 10A 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
5PCS 2310FX MD2310FX ST2310FX TO-3PF integrated circuit 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Cheryl A. Picard Mediating Interpersonal and Small Group Conflict 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Printio Футболка классическая Welcome to russia 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Printio Сумка Welcome to russia 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Printio Лонгслив Welcome to russia 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
David Baldwin Communicating Your Vision 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Wendy C. Crone Introduction to Engineering Research 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Nathan Lawton Unlimited Memory. How to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf
Chris Shea Licensed to Profit. By Trading in Financial Markets 2sk2655 k2655 to 3pf

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